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 Welcome to Frank Conversations

Much like the journey you may find yourself on, Frank Conversations has not emerged from a linear journey, but rather one filled with unexpected turns, transitions, and some adventures along the way. We are who we are because of our many experiences that shape our passions and expertise. Frank Conversations is just the same; born from an amalgamation of evidence-based expertise, coaching mastery and scientific research.


The intertwining of expertise from these domains illuminates that although we may all be human, we are all uniquely individual. Our individuality shapes our life experiences, how we approach decisions, conversations, transitions and move through these points in our lives. Here at Frank Conversations, we support you to reduce the overwhelm & find acceptance so you can move forward feeling empowered and confident in creating your new life.


Nina ...

Nina has a background in education, academic psychology and sociology and is a published academic researcher. Her expertise centres around human interactions; how meaningful conversations can facilitate growth within relationships and, if a relationship ends, how communication driven by integrity can empower individuals at possibly one of the most challenging times in their lives.

Nina holds a B.Ed, an MSc and currently undertaking a doctoral research centring on the exploration of human experience. In addition, she is a fully accredited and passionate specialist divorce coach, as well as having undertaking training in CBT.

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