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The Off the Market Club

Welcome to The OtMC, where the journey to find love and laughter begins.

Whether you're new to dating or looking to learn new skills to help you on your dating journey, The OtMC is the place for you.

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 What is The Off the Market Club?

The OtMC is a fab community of people who are eternal optimists and believe in love, romance and passion.


When you join The OtMC you become part of a great group of like minded people. We meet each week, virtually or sometimes in person, for six weeks.


At the end of the six weeks you can join our OtMC community.

The Off the Market Club

Over the six weeks together we explore many parts of dating. This starts with you understanding yourself - who you are, your values and passions. We go on to explore things like the science of attraction and dating, communication and attachment for meaningful dating, creating a killer dating profile, planning and going on dates, building meaningful connections, long-term relationships.

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