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Corporate Partners

Frank Conversations are on a mission to develop brave leaders and adaptive cultures, one leader at a time.

We will work with you to develop unique, individualised training and support programmes underpinned by current research and upholding government initiatives.


These uniquely tailored training and support packages will enable empowerment and transformation, leading to retention, productivity and performance. This will enhance your workplace culture whilst enhancing employee engagement and reducing absenteeism.


If you are committed to to improving performance by creating a more adaptive culture we are here to work alongside you. 

Nina &

Frank Conversations...

Nina is the founder of Frank Conversations and is dedicated to developing brave leaders and adaptive cultures, one leader at a time.


Frank Conversations is a leading company delivering tailored education and support for organisations who want to empower leaders and transform teams while ensuring well-being remains central.


As a published academic psychologist with a background in education, Nina is committed to ensuring the practices of Frank Conversations are underpinned by current, scientifically informed research and methodologies while being delivered with passion at every step.


Nina is a member of Woman in Family Law, the Association for Coaching and an associate member of Resolution, sitting on the resolution board for Leicestershire. Nina works closely with the Police Firearms Officers Association for the UK and specialist family law firms alongside her corporate and 1:1 work.


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