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Is this familiar…


… you are at a really exciting point in your relationship. It is becoming more serious and formal. Maybe you are moving in together, marriage is on the cards or you are merging two families. You are excited, but you want to do it right. You want to build strong foundations with the elements of communication and integrity being central?


If so, you are exactly where you need to be. This is what frank . conversations specialises in; the building of strong foundations for an enduring and powerful relationship.


Why do you need to work with us?



Strong, honest and integrity lead communication is central to all relationships; it facilitates a deep and meaningful connection where love can grow.


When communication is central in a relationship, each person can explain what they are feeling, along with articulating their needs, without the fear of dismissal or repercussion. It facilitates the flourishing of a strong and loving relationship.


When our relationships become more formal, we are committing ourselves to another human. However, many of us do this without fully exploring our imagined future lives together, values or beliefs. To do this with honesty and integrity, we need strong communication.


But before we can have these conversations as couples, we need to explore and know our own values, beliefs, and boundaries. frank . conversations are experts in facilitating this exploration in a gentle, loving but highly purposeful manor.


Once our own values, beliefs, and boundaries are understood, a couple can come together to explore the intertwining of these. Understanding how our unique and deeply personal values, beliefs and boundaries can come together, to create strong and meaningful foundations for a life of love and adventure together, is essential for a strong relationship but so often overlooked in the excitement.

Your Imagined Future

Have you ever sat and imagined your future? What that might feel and look like?


You may have sat with your partner and talked about your imagined family, your imagined home, or holidays.


Imagined futures are powerful, they give us the drive and desire in our lives.


These big goals of our imagined futures rely on numerous much smaller, yet highly consequential. Over time they can have a habit of growing bigger and bigger until they  become some of the most daunting questions we must tackle.


For example, many of our client’s report that although often unexpectedly challenging, the work we will do together around the interlinking of wages, finances and establishing a family and home, is an aspect of their relationship that was just assumed by each partner and the nitty gritty never explored.


If the fundamentals of our multidimensional imagined futures are not explored, our relationship foundations will not be secure or strong. frank . conversations are dedicated to giving couples the skills, time, and support to create strong and purposeful foundations.  

Love Language

We each have a unique love language. That is the ways in which we give and receive love. Understanding your own and your partners love language will enable you to receive and show love in a deeply meaningful way.


However, do you know what your love language is? Do you know your partners?


Is it reported that there are five main ways in which we give and receive love. When we understand our own and our partners love language, we are able to meet the needs that mean the most to us in the world.


The frank. conversations framework will enable you to both explore the notions of our individual love language, which in turn will strengthen your communication, which is the bases for a strong and enduring relationship.


Our love language is evident in all facets of our relationship, from emotional and sexual love to communication and points of conflict. Understanding how we show and receive love is imperative for a strong relationship – but have you ever explored yours and your partners? Have you given the time and exploration needed to ensure you are building the strongest possible foundations for your relationship?

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