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Private Clients

Life is full of expected and unexpected transitions.

No matter if anticipated or not, life transitions can be challenging to navigate because they are always multidimensional and unique to you. This brings change and uncertainty, sometimes a loss of identity which can have a significant emotional impact meaning you may need to seek support. 

We support all kinds of life transitions, below is a small example of a few of the transitions we support:



The ebbs and flows of new relationships, both romantic and platonic, can sometimes need a bit of support. Even when exciting, transitions of this type also have elements of uncertainty and vulnerability. In the building of new and meaningful relationships, we often need to evaluate our expectations and boundaries - this can be hard without the right support. But with the right support can be utterly wonderful.

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Gender disappointment

Nina is one of only a few researchers in the world who has published empirical research on the experience of maternal gender disappointment. If you are experiencing gender disappointment, or any other parenting transition, get in touch for a free chat.


Job changes 
& retirement

One of the most common life transitions is that of a job role change or retirement. This transition can be so challenging as it may bring questions about purpose, self-worth and place in the world. These are often accompanied by financial and wellbeing transitions that can be hard to navigate alone

Divorce, separation &
the family law system

Divorce and separation is possibly one of life's most traumatic transitions. We are  trained divorce and separations coaches and so have the expert knowledge and skills to support you on your unique journey.

My sessions


Each and every one of our client’s needs are unique. For this reason, we don’t have a one model for all approach. Our clients book in blocks of three sessions and can book additional one-off sessions when needed.


3 session block – these three one-to-one sessions can be used as best suits you. This may be over a single week,  once a week for three weeks or perhaps over a longer period. You decide what works for you.  We know how busy life is so we always have evening, weekend, and online spaces available.

One off's - you can book individual sessions on a go along basis.


Why not book a free call so we can chat about your unique situation and how we can support you.

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