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Divorce & Seperation

You might be asking yourself why you need Frank Conversations; in what ways will we be able to support you and if it is worth the financial investment. You only need to look at our testimonials to answer these questions.


Frank Conversations has unique expertise in and around separation and divorce; the emotional impact, decision making, legal aspects, co-parenting, the impact of divorce on children, and many other related issues. Frank Conversations is an amalgamation of coaching, psychology, sociological understanding and therapy. We have a proven, unique model, developed specifically to support you in moving forward with integrity as you enter the end phase of your relationship.

Facing all the decisions entwined with separation and divorce, when you are likely emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed, can be a daunting and highly challenging experience. Being able to think and see the landscape; what decisions need to be made, and the impact of the many options to those decisions can seem impossible. That's where Frank Conversations comes in. We work alongside you, walking this path with you, always moving forward towards being the best version of you in this very challenging situation.

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Why do you need a divorce coach?


Reflecting inwards ...

  • You're feeling overwhelmed.

  • You're feeling lost and confused.

  • You doubt yourself and are struggling to make decisions.


Looking outwards ...

  • You want to move forward with your children central.

  • You're fearful of what others might think of your decisions

  • You're in a hard, high conflict divorce


Moving onwards ...

  • You're feeling anxious about your new future.

  • You don't know how to get from where you are to where you need to be.

  • You want to feel free and the weight to be lifted.

frank . conversations works with individual clients, and sometimes couples, on a 1:1 basis, either in person or virtually.
Some clients are thinking about separation or divorce, some have started the process and others come to us as the separation is being finalised and they want to move forward as the best version of themselves.
No matter the stage of your unique separation,
Frank Conversations will work with you, to understand you and your nuanced situation. In doing so we will:
- support you to find and trust your gut instinct
- help you to explore what you want
- facilitate your creation of a path forward that you feel empower by
- support you to develop your emotional and mental strength, enabling you to move forward
- remind you that integrity is essential to all you do, when employed it enables you to reflect positively on possibly one of the hardest times of your life
- we support ....


Empowerment enables you to make positive, informed, and confident decisions. When you feel empowered, you have belief in yourself and your ability to move towards the place you want to be.

Empowerment is a guiding force in confidence growth and developing a positive outlook. When you are facing a point of transition in your life, you need empowerment on your side. That’s why we are here, to work with you to identify the steps you need to take through your point of change, to find your inner assertiveness, self-awareness and unlock your ability to develop positivity.



Perseverance is key. It is a conscious effort to continue despite the obstacles you may be facing. Simply, perseverance is what will keep you going when you think you can go no more.
I am here to remind you of your ability to persevere, to help to find the strength and will power to dig deep and emerge as a stronger version of yourself. Perseverance in times of transition is especially important as the transition you may be facing may be one you didn’t ask for, or one you didn’t see coming. But with the keys to truly unlock your ability to persevere, even when you feel you can’t, you will succeed.


Initially it may seem a little odd, why might kindness be here? When you are facing a point of transition in your life, you often need to find a strength you didn’t know you had. You need to work hard to strive forward or you risk becoming overwhelmed. But to move forward with purpose and power, which is our ultimate aim, you must be able to show yourself kindness.
The process of divorce can be utterly exhausting, when you are able to validate these feelings and allow yourself to stop and process these moments, you will be able to dig deeper and harder than you knew possible. Self-kindness will boost yourself worth, the belief that you can reach your end point and increase your motivation to keep moving forward and grow.


At the end of your relationship

If your relationship has come to an end; perhaps you are separating or divorcing, perhaps you have children or perhaps you don’t, you may likely feel totally and utterly overwhelmed by an intense myriad of life-changing decisions. It may be hard to know what to do. The confliction between the heart and the head in decision-making can be intense and render you frozen.

However, these decisions must be tackled. However, this is different to rushing or feeling pressurised into making decisions. Rather, this is to be able to go on to create your best possible life with you as your best possible self in that future you can, like many clients before you, make this process as positive as is possible. And that is where Frank Conversations comes in, this is the focus of our expertise.

We will work with you to understand your unique and nuanced situation. We will come to know who you are, who the real you is, what is driving your decision making and where you want to go. Together we will walk along a very challenging path, but will get there as the most empowered, confident version of you. We will support you in holding integrity central to your decision making, enabling you to move through this place in your life in the best possible way possible.

As you enter a separation, your imagined future often ends too. Your imagined future may have been filled with many hopes and dreams in all facets of your life, it is often hard to understand and accept this new future. Our clients frequently describe a huge sense of sadness, and a grief that can be suffocating at times. In one day, you may experience sadness, loss, grief, anger, frustration, anxiety and perhaps relief too. But no matter the combination of emotions, they are likely to be intense and exceptionally difficult to navigate rendering decision making almost impossible at times. If this is you, drop us a call or email. We are here to support you and help you to move through this intensely difficult time.

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