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What does frank . conversations do?

Frank . conversations are specialists in supporting you in navigating the ‘book ends’ of relationships.

How does frank . conversations help couples or individuals?

frank . conversations works with couples and individuals, employing a proven model, to explore topics, options and decisions at start and ending of relationships.

What will we or I gain for working with frank . conversations?

At the start of a relationship, you will work with your partner to explore your singular and join communication styles, values and the foundational aspects of a strong relationship. These are often not a focus at the start of a relationship, but research has shown that those that explore these topics build stronger, happier and longer lasting relationships.


At the end of a relationship the overwhelm can be like something you never knew possible. Decisions become almost impossible to make and the stress’ upon you from all directions can render you almost frozen. But by working with frank . conversations you will find a place of empowerment, we will work with you to help you find your new path, your next chapter and with integrity and communication at the fore, work with you to move forward with purpose.


Online or face to face?


frank . conversations offers both online, via zoom, and face to face appointments. Please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.


Do you work with / can you connect me with other professionals?


Yes. Once we have worked together and established your unique needs, if required we will put you in touch with excellent specialists; financial advisors, mediators, accountants, therapists and a myriad of other professionals and resources as needs arise


What will happen in my free call?


This is your time, for you to explain in your own words, about your unique situation. We will discuss options that will enable you to move forward and the ways in which frank . conversations can support you.


How does frank . conversations differ from a therapist or a mediator?


Therapists explore your emotions and feelings in relation to past experiences. Mediators are law based and focus on facilitating conversations around finances and children. frank . conversations takes a coaching approach to our work with clients. We employ a proved, forward focussed, emotionally supportive role in the ‘business of divorce’. We are trained and accredited specialists, providing us with the unique tools to support you as you move through a point of separation. frank . conversations helps you to establish effective communication, led by integrity, with your spouse, children and legal professionals. 


How can I afford session blocks when divorce and separation is already so expensive?


frank . conversations can save you money.  We work with you so that you are able to face situations and decisions without the emotional reactivity that often drives us when we are feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable. We support you, so that when you meet with your legal professional you can focus on the legalities of the process. This is of paramount importance as many legal partners will charge upwards of £300 an hour + VAT. As your ‘thinking partner’ frank . conversations can effectively help you organize your thoughts and questions for your legal meetings.  frank . conversations can help you make informed decisions more efficiently, which can save you money, time and energy.

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